Tuesday, July 3, 2007


My name is Kenneth A. Okin, Founder of the Okin Group in Tampa, FL. I've been involved in commercial finance in one form or another for over a decade, with deep roots in Florida's hospitality industry. As a consultant, I evaluate situations with a fairly unbiased opinion to find cost-effective solutions to owners looming issues of growth, time and piece of mind. Some of which they never realized existed.

Improvement in the quality of life for small to mid-sized business owners by providing a plan to increase revenues, customer retention and expansion or stabilization through financing is our sole mission; allowing them to work "on their business" instead of "in their business".

This site is going to be an on-going development into the premier resource about Commercial and residential finance for business owners and the professionals that support them. In time articles by myself and other authors will be posted for the general public which can be forwarded at anytime in their unchanged form. All readers are welcome to send emails, submit article topics, make suggestions and request private consultations. For more information or to set a private appointment please contact via email at TheOkinGroup@gmail.com